When I got there they were already working on the platform. The woman on the stage was explaining that the platform committee had worked for more than a year on getting input from everybody that had something to change.


Greg Garrett explained that some presentations would be made on the key changes since the previous version and then input would be taken from the floor. After that the platform committee would say how to move forward.



Most of these speakers were saying things like "our change from the previous version is a dramatic improvement. Please vote for the amended platform."


The Latino Caucus was the only group that rose to speak as a collective on changes to the platform.





The platform committee announced it's decisions on the changes suggested from the floor. It felt like they were trying to push a poison pill down our throats. Most of the changes weren't going anywhere.

After a brief break for state level caucuses we voted. One by one the state announcers would read off the ayes, nays, and stand asides from their red tally sheet and hand it in. To make a long story short, the new platform was rejected. We are going to have to move forward using the 2004 version. There wasn't enough time for anything else.