They set it up so that we could vote as efficiently as possible. The guy at the podium would call for the next State in alphabetical order. The State's spokesperson would come up to the mike and give a brief speech about the State, and then clearly state how many votes it was allocating to each Candidate for President of the USA. Some of them would call their top vote getter "the next President of the USA".


I like how easy it is to tell that the guy in the straw hat is from Arkansas. I wish more States sent representatives who were that easy to identify.


The guy from Connecticut began by invoking the name of a famous incumbent from the State who called it "Corrupticut". That was one of the most memorable lines from the vote.



I'm wondering if those Hoosiers are in favor of coins, structural changes in our system, or a new kind of politics... Either way, they also gave me an identifiable shot, which I'm grateful for.


The guy from Louisiana reminded us about Katrina.








Oklahoma had delegates in the hall, but I didn't see one of them state votes for the record.

When all was said and done, Cynthia McKinney won on the first ballot.