These musicians met while we were waiting for the bus to be serviced, I think in Denver. The one in pink has a great voice and a nice sound. After playing for a while I heard her say something like "I need more sing along songs." "Nobody wants to hear about my love life right now."

I don't remember seeing all these windmills last time I took I-80 across the west.


It was hard to miss the anti-Bush bias of the book I was reading, Bush League of Nations by James A. Swanson. It had much more detail than I had seen before about things like which nations were part of the coalition when we went into Iraq in '03, when they dropped out and why.

I was in Reno, Nevada when the TV set in the bus station featured a live news conference with Bush. I think the comment captured above was in response to a question about $147/barrel oil. The price hit that level for the first time while I was in Chicago, as you can see in the clipping I found a few weeks later.


It wasn't long after I took the above picture that I started finding chatter with fellow travelers more interesting than the boob tube.

One of my goals for the trip was to take a picture of a gas station with gas at $4.20. I'd wanted to do that earlier in California, but the price had rocketed past that number while I wasn't watching. This was the closest thing to the picture I wanted I was able to come up with. The lowest gas price I saw on the whole trip was about $3.869, somewhere in Wyoming or Colorado. As I type this California's price is more like $4.50ish, so it will have to fall a lot for me to get that shot here.


When I walked out of the bus station in San Jose a city employee was just installing this new trash can. The feature that makes it better than the previous one is that there is a smaller can above the main tank for recyclables. The guys attitude was "these cans are better because they keep people from fishing through the garbage for recyclables." He also felt that if volunteers don't get the recyclables, nobody would.