When I got to the Palmer the morning workshops were already in progress. I found a seat in the back of the room for this one titled "Sustainable Activism". Allison was giving people tips on things like "give yourself a break from activism every now and then."



In the next round of workshops I sat in on one about internet activism. I was hoping there would be some interesting angles on the spam war discussed, but it was all about things like using facebook to build your network and the general utility of email lists.


George Lopez led a fascinating workshop on being green and Black, Brown, Yellow, or Red. One thing he said that really struck me was that "here in Illinois we can make employers improve working conditions by exerting public pressure, but that doesn't work in Arizona."


On the way to dinner we passed this really incredible Picasso statue.



My favorite line in the whole debate was the one where Jesse Johnson said "we need to put the Zen in Citizen."



After everything else the Liberty Tree Foundation for Democratic Revolution hosted a schmoozfest at the end of the hall on the seventh floor.



I consider David Cobb to be the Green Party of the USA's first good ex Presidential candidate.