She's running despite her personal baggage to raise issues not addressed in the national discussion:

+ the high incarceration rate among African-Americans

+ the prison-industrial complex

+ the school-prison pipeline

+ Obama's deporting of immigrants at the highest rate in history

+ the number of people dying every day for lack of healthcare.

If people knew what was going on in this room everything would change. There's a news blackout. Her future is either the Green House or the penitentiary. Be afraid.  Though 3.2 million supporters will vote for Stein and Hongkala, they were whisked away to a secret warehouse for hours, attended by 13 cops and 3 secret service agents. The place was all set up with crowd barriers for mass arrests that never happened.

Stop locking people up for economic issues. Legalize pot. Bring the troops home, teach them to be organic farmers. The day after the election will be the awakening for the Greens and Occupiers when everyone realizes it will only continue downhill.

After 25 years and 200 arrests she realized that we must break the abusive relationship with the Democrats to get serious, to build a new future. Most countries in the world have 5 or 10 political parties. We're stuck with 2, both controlled by corporations. To make something happen join the party and make it as you want it.

She plans mass pardons, legalization of marijuana, rehabilitation instead of incarceration. In Philadelphia, people with drug and alcohol problems are given one sink or swim shot at a 28-day program. Tens of thousands have been taken off general assistance. In 2 days 10 people were shot. We need to change who's in charge. People fake suicide attempts because it's the only way they can get treatment to get off drugs.

Elected officials act only when activists force them to. Running for office is painful, but most people are only influenced through elections. She'll choose political effectiveness over political correctness and deal with people where they're at.

The answer to foreclosure is for its victims to stay in their homes. What if a million families stayed in their foreclosed homes? Fight for a moratorium on foreclosures. Fighting in the streets will be more effective than fighting in the courts and the legislature. Organize families into local groups.

Green jobs are necessary--we need to feed and house an army.

To improve messaging we need to get the word "sustainability" in front of people, need to use social media, art, and culture and exploit the talents of young people who can break messages down and speak directly and "make it plain".

Policies of legalized indefinite detention and executive killing threaten all of us. Many dictators first go after strong women by targeting their children. The billions in the war on terror are not being spent to protect us from terrorists--they are being used against us. But people are coming to life. In the next four years there will be social explosions, and let's hope they are organized so they can be positive.  She's new to the Green Party, but she brings in a lot of friends who are also new. Of course none of them have $1.95.

Forgive student loans. With half the military budget we can rebuild the world.

For the next four years, let's talk YOU into running. They've raised the Green Party profile and now are looking for candidates across the country. We need voter registration drives, and Green visibility at all home takeovers and pipelines. We need to demonstrate our differences with Democrats by going to jail.

For single moms, healthcare is a luxury. Jill Stein got tired of practicing two tiers of health care. Her books are about holistic health and environmental issues relating oppressing people of color. I'll teach the foodies to go to jail, and they'll teach me to eat blueberries. Both are good ideas. In this insane world staying mentally healthy is hard work. She use s spirituality and affirmations. Try to be happy on the inside, loving yourself and others.

Foreign policy: close military bases, Israel is not God, stop the violence happening to Palestinians--the detentions, the killing, the starving. There is no need for war anywhere.

People around the world should work out their own conflicts. In the Green House they will have a Cabinet Department of Peace run by indigenous leaders. We differ from the Democrats in terms of not trying to be meaner. Control should be by communities through participatory decision-making globally. Teach conflict resolution, and model that with cooperative institutions and living in community.

Quit deporting people. Residents have a right to healthcare. Foreclosure moratorium. Stop bailing out banks. Fire everyone in Congress who works for Wall Street. Get the money out of politics. Develop local land trusts under community control to decide whether Wal-Mart or Debug should inhabit them. Sandy Perry proposed organizing around foreclosure.

Get rid of money in politics, fire Wall Street, that levels the playing field. The Democrats and Republicans are content to see who can cut the deficit, who can be toughest in foreign-policy. Our goal is not to be bipartisan. We will not participate in war. We will not participate in killing mother earth. We refuse to proceed from assumptions of scarcity.

You don't have to worry about voting Green in California. You can go to sleep loving yourself. We can send a strong message.