My big reason for going back to the Green Party of California meeting on Sunday was that they promised the day would end with a Presidential Candidate Forum. I hung around after the end of the GPCA meeting and soon enough they got it going. Gotta figure out who to vote for on June 7th!


Sedinam Moyowasifsa-Curry was the only candidate to grace us with her physical presence. Darryl Cherney and Bill Kreml skyped in. Jill Stein phoned in. All were easy enough to hear clearly, but we had to be quiet. They had our attention. Jill Stein gave us a nice little speech but didn't have time to answer many questions. The rest of them hung around for an hour of fascinating Q&A.


They wanted us to sit together in the field of the skype camera.


Bill Kreml is an academic that knows a lot about psychology. He's written books on the stuff. He thinks there is some key way that psychology can work into solving our society's problems. He isn't really expecting to win the primary, but he wants us to read his book. He held it up briefly in front of the camera, but not long enough that I got a good picture of it. Click here to visit his campaign website.

Jill Stein wants to see a renewables revolution. She is using her campaign to promote local economies, campaign finance reform, green jobs, and healthy communities. She's hoping we'll join her in cleaning up the mess. Click here to visit her campaign website.

Darryl Cherney said that he is mostly known for Redwood Summer, when he and Judi Berry were bombed and the FBI tried to blame it on him. He sued them and got a settlement that paid for the land he is living on now. Last fall he was walking on the beach and the ocean told him to run for President. This time his campaign is mostly about finding out who the players are and what the rules are. He thinks Jill Stein will be a fine nominee, but stay tuned for next time! Click here to visit his campaign website.

SKCM Curry went through five of the eight main points of her platform. She's the only African-American woman on the ballot for President right now. She's spent time in Africa as a green activist and knows something about the place. She wants to be the voice of the "Black Lives Matter!" movement in the Green Party. She wants to be a good example for young women. She asked us to donate to her campaign. She put much more emotion into her presence than the others. Lots of greenbacks floated to her. (I'll insert the URL of her website here when I find it.)

Later I found this in the Green Party of Alameda voter guide: