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May 2009, Venice LA

The Coordinating Committee wishes to thank everyone for attending the General
Assembly in Venice. We also want to give a hardy 'thanks' to the hosting
committee and to the CC for a difficult job well done.

Complete minutes of the General Assembly will are posted on the GPCA website
at Minutes are usually posted within 30 days
after the meeting. Note that the common GPCA login/password is required to
view the minutes until they are approved at the next General Assembly.

The May 2009 General Assembly formally commenced at 9:30 AM with quorum
established by 37 delegates from 8 regions in attendance


To be determined. Sonoma County has tentatively volunteered to host the next
General Assembly, contingent on finding an adequate facility. Their target
date for the meeting is October. They will advise the CC when a facility has
been found.


---- Saturday, May 16 ----

1. Challenge to LA delegates credentials - New delegates proposed

Resolved by vote - not accepted Yes: 7 No: 29 Abstain: 6

2. Consent calendar - Confirmation of GPCA officers

Current officers proposed for another term: Jane Rands, Liaison to
the Secretary of State; Jeanne Rosenmeier, Treasurer.

Accepted by consensus with one stand-aside concern.

3. General Assembly agenda proposed

Resolved by vote - not accepted Yes: 15 No: 24 Abstain: 3

4. Alternate General Assembly agenda proposed

Resolved by vote - accepted Yes: 31 No: 8 Abstain: 2 Not Present: 1

5. GPCA annual budget proposed

Accepted by consensus with one stand-aside concern.

6. Report on ballot measures

Campaigns and Candidates Working Group reports that the county polling to
determine GPCA positions on ballot measures concluded successfully, so no
decision is needed from this meeting.

GPCA recommends NO on all ballot measures.

7. Discussion item - LA/Alameda restructuring proposal

Decision on this item on Sunday.

----- Sunday, May 17 ----

8. Announcement from IT Group - Annual password change

The common password used for access to internal party pages will change
after this General Assembly.

9. Delegate credential dispute - Contra Costa County

County members present proposed themselves as delegates.

Accepted by consensus.

10. New/revised platform planks

Platform committee proposed four planks:

* Public Education - Accepted by consensus with friendly amendments and
a stand-aside concern

* Violence in Society - Accepted by consensus with friendly amendments

* Water - Not accepted. Bring back with revisions

* California Elections - Not accepted. Bring back with revisions

11. LA/Alameda restructuring proposal

Proposes CC be elected from two at-large districts rather than from

Lengthy discussion with numerous concerns and amendments.

Amended to a proposal to establish a committee to form a proposal for the
next General Assembly.

Accepted by vote - Yes: 36 No: 7 Abstain: 3

12. Discussion - Restructuring

Proposes electing CC from mixed system of regions and at-large seats.

13. Discussion - Restructuring

Proposes to restructure LA region into autonomous Locals.

14. Discussion - LA county bylaws

Proposes that LA bylaws are non-compliant. Specific problem with CC
rep elections.

Closing ceremony at 3:40 PM