Everyone got back from lunch to a new facilitation team. The first thing we did was a quorum check. We found out there were still enough delegates to conduct business. Onward!


The guy on the right had a proposal that might work to handle the LA problem. Will had to recuse himself from facilitating on the LA issue, so Erika stepped into his shoes.

Lots of delegates had opinions on the proposal.



We still had quorum, and we still needed to deal with the LA issue.


June came up with this idea for how to IRV the alternatives with a show of hands.


First they recorded all votes for each of the four alternatives. The option with the least votes (#3) was crossed off, and the delegates that had chosen it were asked to choose again. I think the most popular option turned out to be quarantining LA, but it never got the status of an idea that everybody had emotionally consensed to.


About then the computer the scribe was using died. It turned out that the sleeve bearing in the fan had frozen and the power supply had overheated. Since the last thing the plenary had to deal with was the LA problem, the failure was about as harmless as something like that could be, assuming the scribe saved his notes.

We gave Susan flowers in appreciation of all the work she did to make the plenary go smoothly. Logistically, it was a very good plenary.

I think this was most of the people that were still leaving when we really had to be out of there...