Gary N. Blenner is an incumbent on some elected local board in or near Sacramento.


The guy from KCBS was the only "real media" that showed up for the press conference. He just wanted to do brief interviews with the two candidates for Governor. Then he left to do is one minute (or whatever it was) story for their newscast.


The other guy was gathering footage for the GPCA website, so there would be something for people who want to find out more about our candidates.

I got upset with Deacon Alexander because the first thing he said was "I'm not trying to take the election away from Laura Wells." After it was over I told him I thought it's his job as a candidate to explain to people why voting for him was a good idea. He told me voting for him just isn't going to be enough of a game changer to solve the homeless problem. It's going to take more than that. I'm still not sure what to think of what he said.