We started the green issues meeting by having a go-round where everybody introduced themselves and said a few words about what they were into. There were several animal rights activists, a couple of war veterans that wanted to make sure peace was on the table, a couple of impeachment activists and me. I told them I joined the Green Party as a believer in the greenback, which boils down to "in God we trust - all others pay cash" in my mind. Since then my understanding of politics has evolved to the point where nowadays I tell people "I believe in change."



We spent more time talking about what had happened before than anything else. Those that had been around for a while explained that one reason we exist is so that if somebody wants the Green Party to take a position on an environmental issue we can put it on the agenda and build consensus on the subject.

Maybe if the Green Party had decided "yes on 7" we would have had an interesting project to work on, but it was not to be. Maybe if they had come to us a year ago we could have built consensus for the initiative and it would have passed. Instead we networked on our various grass roots projects.