After the nomination was decided I wandered around collecting random pictures and pushing stickers and generally talking to people for a while.


Karen Morian liked the idea of coins as "change we can believe in".


I ended up having supper with the Iowa Greens. A large percentage of them are working together setting up a green cab company. It sounds like an exciting project.


To the left of the picure of our nominee is a good picture of the guy that got one vote from the Texas delegation. I'm not sure why he wanted to get even less votes than Kent Mesplay, but that's the way it is.


That's a Florida Green Party T-Shirt. If you want one please visit


The most interesting conversation I had with someone that didn't want her picture taken was with this human rights lawyer from Cleveland. She'd worked on the Yugoslavian war crimes prosecutions in the Hague. She said that in that case the people who survived were the random individuals by themselves, because the criminals were looking for large herds of people to take out all at once.



For the whole evening there was a gaggle of people around Jill Stein that wanted to talk to her. Some of them wanted her to sign papers for their State's ballot access petitions and stuff like that. Near the end of the evening I finally got a chance to bend her ear about change, a topic close to my heart.