This was when I found out that Colin Beaven is running for congress in New York. He is most famous as the author of the book No Impact Man (and star of the movie covering the same material) about living as close to a zero impact year in New York as is humanly possible as a white guy with a family. I wa very glad to hear the news.


After that David Cobb auctioned off a couple of green scarves. Then the band, Woven Green, came up and did a rocking set.


I think this guy's name is Asher Platz (or something like that). He is running for State Assembly in Maine as a Green Party candidate.

I love it when candidates make their names easy to remember, the way this Florida candidate did.


The Canadian Green auctioned off a package of cool electoral campaign souvineers, with the proceeds going to our host committee.


Looking at the chain ring on the back of that fair buck gives me that "IN BICYCLES WE TRUST" feeling...