We need better bus service! My name is Tian Harter. I'm running for Mountain View City Council because I've seen gas prices rise, and I think we need a real alternative to driving. I'll say a few words about that, and then I'll share some highlights from my personal background and say a bit about my campaign..

Sometimes walking precints someone will tell me “I don't ride the bus, so I don't know much about the service.” I like to tell them “right now the service is so bad that it simply can't compete with driving.” In the future we are probably going to have to deal with higher oil prices, and the US economy is going to have to compete head on with others like China and Europe that are currently much more energy efficient than ours. Better bus service is a piece of the puzzle that can help with this.

Examples we could emulate are the DASH Shuttle in San Jose or the Margarite at Stanford. In that vein I'd like to see a route that goes from the Downtown Mountain View train station up Moffett Blvd to Middlefield, then out Shoreline to Charleston. From there up Rengstorff, then down California to Shoreline to El Camino to Castro and then back to the train station. It should go around the loop at least every fifteen minutes during the course of the day, with stops that are close enough together than nobody has to walk more than ten minutes to get to one.

I've lived in Mountain View since nineteen eighty four, except for an eight year road trip during the nineties. Since coming back I've been active with the Technology and Society Committee, Sustainable Mountain View, and the Mountain View Voices for Peace. Since taking Leadership Mountain View in two thousand and four I've helped out at many other things the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce has called for volunteers in.

My campaign is grass roots all the way. I walk precincts as much as my legs will carry me, and I've seen many areas of Mountain View already. If you haven't gotten my flier and you want to find out more, email me at tnharter (at) ispwest (dot) com or visit my website at TianHarter.org. A vote for Tian Harter is a vote for better bus service! Please vote for Tian Harter on November seventh.

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