The vision that I like for this goes by the name "smart growth", and you can find out much more about it by visiting the SmartGrowthNetwork, a site that explains it better than I can. I got a second opinion on the subject from Wikipedia, which says about the same thing.

Last time I saw the statistics, many more people worked in Mountain View than lived here. I would like to see that changed by getting more people to live here instead of the opposite. Since most of the land the city covers already has something on it, that means we have to work with the glacial pace of change that happens at the grass roots level. I believe the city should encourage change in this but not force it.

I live a ten minute walk from the Downtown Mountain View train station, and I am always happy to go somewhere by train. For many destinations it is a convienient way to get there. If you are willing to use the time riding to read or do paperwork, the extra time spent in transit is no burden. I'm greatful I have enough neighbors that having that train station there makes sense. I wish more people wanted the same thing.

We need more housing near transit, so more of us can live without cars. The lot between Evelyn and the Tied House is in the perfect location for affordable housing. It is near the train station, so people who can't afford housing and a car can live there.