For Bicyclists:

Recent improvements to our biking infrastructure are good progress but we need continuous improvements in this area.

Going from Palo Alto to Mountain View on California St., there is no street sensor in the bike lane at San Antonio. Bicyclists need to use the pedestrian walk button or get in the left turn lane to get permission to cross the street. There are quite a few other intersections with the same problem. This needs to be fixed!

The Stevens Creek Trail is wonderful. I want to see that extended as far as it can go.

For Pedestrians:

New sidewalks should have a flat part on driveways so that people can walk down the street without hurting their ankles on the slope or getting that nasty "stepping off a cliff without realizing it" sensation we get when stepping off the edge while not paying attention to what we thought was a flat surface.

At a Downtown Business Forum, the guy from Book Buyers talked about how during the .com boom his store had enough money to put an awning on the Castro Street side of the building above the windows. Unfortunately, City Hall had tied up the project in red tape until the ability to pay for the project had been spent on other things. Thinking about the story, I remember how much nicer walking under awnings is on both hot sunny summer days and rainy winter days. An awning also makes cooling a place like that easier in the summer. It would be great if the entire length of Castro Street between El Camino & Central was prezoned to allow awnings if the businesses have the money to put them up.

There should be a sidewalk between Rengstorff and the new REI shopping center.

A pedestrian crossing between Target and Trader Joes on Showers Drive would be nice.

Walking precincts in the area between Farley and Burgoyne, many people complained about the condition of the sidewalks. There were lots of cracks in the paving and other problems like that. Also in that area, a guy said that people cut across the street to use the bus stop at Burgoyne and Middlefield. His suggestion was to move the bus stop donw to the light, so crossing at the light would make sense to the kids that use the bus.

An emailer asks: "May I add an item to the pedestrian section of the wish list: drivers of over-sized vehicles not park their gas-guzzlers on sidewalks along streets that pre-date SUVs, or face the same fines as for parking in illegal zones."

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