When my parents gave me this picture of my mother and I, they explained to me that there are no better pictures of me in that general age range. My father also told me he had this picture on his desk at work during the period when we lived in Thailand.

Dorothea and I playing in Rock Creek, sometime in the early sixties. I have no idea what the kettle is there for. I called her Bobby her entire life, even after she got to the age when all her friends called her "Dora", and I was the only one who did that. Once or twice in our teenage years, people confused the two of us because I borrowed her coat to run to the store and it was so distinctive that noone else would wear it.

I think this was taken on an unusually warm February day in the late 1970s. Lal, Mom, and Dad, working together to make egg salad. Tonia probably took the picture.

This picture was taken late in Tonia's high school career. It is one of the very few I have of her before she got a family of her own.