I would have loved to ask a few questions about these. Unfortunately, I didn't see them until she was gone. I'm told that holding these next to pictures of Bobby at the same age, mother and daughter look a lot alike.


I think the guy she is dancing with on the left was somebody named Max. I have no idea what the occasion was. However, when she smiled that way it was really hard not to feel happy she was giving you her attention.

The picture on the right is one of the many fine pictures of my mother I didn't see until we were going through her stuff after she died. My brother and father liked it so much that they included it in the mailing they did to tell their remaining friends that she had died. The original was snapped when she was a reporter in Amsterdam, and the paper used it as part of a collage about the staff. I saw that to, going through her stuff.

This was probably taken during the time she was a reporter in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It was the picture that she gave my dad when he left South Africa because the Foreign Service had reassigned him. At the time they had only been dating a few months, and it was not clear what was going to happen.

The note on the back of this one says it was taken in January of 1958. It doesn't show yet, but she is pregnant with yours truly, the guy who typed this caption. All the way through their marriage, there are pictures of the two of them where my father has this expression on is face as he looks at her. Some things never changed.