We got into Atlanta in the middle of Rush Hour. It felt like Park Hour looking out the window.


Stone Man on every side and the license plate. That one has to be stone man!



We were going to have a two hour layover in Atlanta, but by the time we got there it was "rush from the Tennessee bus to the Alabama local bus." There was barely time to gobble the food Pat made for us. Took the Madagascar chocolate with us, and enjoyed it very much later. Thank you Pat! Made visiting Georgia work out so much better.


Next day we visited my sisters farm. This is her in the back garden of her home.


She had to do chores while we talked and relaxed together. It was my sister and my girlfriend meeting each other for the first time. Enjoyed listening and watching.

Tonia said her chicken flock has reached a size she likes. Hovering somewhere in the 35 to 50 bird range. Enough for unlimited eggs for the whole family, plus enough to sell that the chickens pay their own way. Beyond that they are beautiful and relatively trouble free outdoor pets.


Virginia was feeding the chickens just fine until the turkey showed up. He went and stood over the best grain patch and started pecking anybody that got near. It was an effective reminder what the term "pecking order" means.


Nobody wanted to get pecked by that turkey. They stayed out of range.

Put food in the goat pen and there is no arguing beyond pushing and shoving. Everybody was swallowing at the same time.

Then they immediately start waiting for you to bring more. "Baaahhh!", "Bleat!", "Groan..." After a while they go back to clear cutting whatever growth they can find in the pen. They are great for clearing land, but you gotta give them time to get around to it.

The coop chickens are the easiest ones to gather eggs from. Sister explained that the chickens all start out as coop chickens, but once they escape they become yard chickens. Yard chickens smell different to the coop chickens. Because of this, when she puts a yard chicken back in the coop the rest of them peck it to death for being foreign. She just leaves the yard flock alone. Maybe harvest the old ones for the Jamaicans down the road to BBQ for two dollars a bird alive in a cage. Gathers the eggs when they are easy to find. She lets the broody hens have and raise their kids. Cheapest way to get more chickens!


We hung around the house and talked until late. Ginger charmed us all with her antics. Then they dropped us off at the hotel, which had this nice little card in the bathroom. Nice that "Green" is a good word to them!


Woke up to a text message from my brother in law. They had an accident on the way into town that morning. Hit a buck and totaled the Honda. We were on our own to get to the bus station. We got there with plenty of time to spare.


Waiting for the bus there was this '70s game show running on the TV in the bus station. Some of the contestants look kind of familiar, but the other ones gave me that "Whose that?" feeling.