Started the day with a brisk walk around town to get the lay of the land and see some stuff.



Yeah, they had a lot of progressive pedestrian and bicycle friendly features, but they also had these evil canyons next to the tracks in the street. Betcha people get knocked off their bikes regularly by that! Twisted ankles probably happen there, too.


Yup, the wellness center that we blundered across walking back to the room was glad to sell me a gram of weed and a cheap glass pipe for $19.50 including tax. Media story confirmed! Democracy produces good results in Denver.


By now it was getting late. We needed to go back to the motel room, shower, pack, and check out by noon.


To make a long story short, we accomplished all of the above, leaving just as the day started to get warm. The motel was nice enough to let us store our bags in this closet near the door. We headed out for a day of pedestrian style tourism.




We happened across this poet at a typewriter on 16th St. Mall. He was looking for poetry inspiration. I gave him my one minute speech. He started typing, giving us this poem a minute or two later. In the end we paid $5 for the thing. Best poem I inspired the whole trip!

Since it was 100% legal to smoke marijuana in Denver, we tried to figure out the spot with the best numerology to inhale at 4:20 PM. Looking at the map, we figured out that the line that goes through the state capitol and U.S. Mint would be a good place to be then. We went and scouted, looking for the perfect location.


Would have gone to the money museum, except for the fact it wasn't open on Saturday, which was when we were there.


Those painted bike wheels are a piece of art. Lots of people would spin one or two. I saw one little guy spin a whole bunch of them and then watch his artwork fade away. Of course Virginia spun a blue one.

That bike trailer is the smallest branch of the Denver Public Library. If you want the service they can give you a library card in your choice of nifty designs, or check out any of the books shown or books on the other side. I think you can also return books, but didn't see anybody do it.

That guy with the cardboard boxes was feeding the hungry. He said it was his personal community service project.




The Mint was closed when we got there. It was about 4:20 anyway, so we just wrote off finding out more about change. We found a place to sit in the shade across the street and got legally high.

It was written in stone on the side of a building, "Divine Nature made the country. Human art built the cities." Likely it was an art museum.


Virginia offered this white guy a sip of her coffee. Then we found the State Seal and took the picture that proves it.


Downtown Denver has a real city skyline.


I don't know if the furry creatures were traveling through or part of the scene. Either way, it was an honor to cross paths with them.


We got vertigo from these chairs. Got up feeling funny for sure. I'd call that "Transdimensionalized!" Maybe it was the high altitude.


The red head is an awesome singer. She was belting it out on the sidewalk for the fun of it. Sounded good in a soul music way.

We crossed paths with this buffalo heard. Such patient beasts!


Soon after this we were on the free bus headed towards the hotel and our stuff.

The end of the line for the free bus was Union Station. Our destination was a couple of miles or so further down the road.


We saw a lot of those huge construction cranes. I'd say they are swarming in Denver like locusts.


The cheapest gas I saw on the whole trip was $1.999 at one place in Alabama. Didn't have time to notice if the station was open.


We stopped to share a snack. We'd been walking a long time. When we got up it was dark.


The only thing happening at the bus station was the Denver game on TV.

There was much back and forth action. The outcome was still in doubt with thirty seconds to go.


To make a long story short, Denver won. Honored to catch a shot of the quarterbacks shaking hands afterwards.

We mostly slept on the bus after that. The long day of walking prepared me very well for sleeping in a bus seat or two.