For some reason we just had to visit my grandparents. Dad hadn't been there for many years, and Evelyn had never seen the place. Actually, she had never been anywhere in the Bay Area, but she was willing to be shown almost anything. Coming back here was sort of a spiritual journey for me, as it always is.

One thing about the cemetery, it has a great view of the bay, even on foggy days like that one.


After lunch we wandered around Berkeley. I was surprised to find out that before he joined up in WW II, my Dad shared an apartment with his parents in this building near the corner of Dwight & Telegraph. We couldn't figure out which one because they lock the building now, but he seems to remember living in one of the twenty-something apartments.

Dad and Tian stand in an official free speech zone.

I'm told this is where the free speech movement started, back in the days when they were looking for a way to fight the Vietnam War. I'm hoping it's good luck to have your picture taken here with one of the less heralded names of that time.

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