Between Thursday 12th of October and the following Wednesday I hosted a mailing party for the November 2000 issue of the Green Ampersand, the Santa Clara County Green Party newsletter. I tried to take pictures of all the Volunteers, but I missed a few. Here are the ones I got.


Gerry (the guy on the left) and Rudy showed up for more of the mailing sessions than anyone else. Gerry is the only one that came by bike. Rudy was our star newsletter folder. He could put a crease in a newsletter better than anyone. He also brought some backyard orange limes that are a great thing to put on fish and in tea.


Gloria Purcell, the only Green Party State Assembly Candidate around here, did more to help than anyone has any right to ask of someone who is trying to get elected this election cycle. Her husband also worked on the project, but he didn't want his picture taken. The guy on the right is Jim Doyle. He is the husband of a coworker of Charlotte Casey, who also did a lot of work on the mailing, even though I didn't get her picture.

The Ballards. Shiloh has a wonderful trick for getting the labels on to a large number of mailings in nothing flat. Her mom is another one of those people with fingers faster than a speeding train.


Valerie (left) and Martha (right) helped get the last zip codes done. Valerie is due and extra measure of respect because she was the only person that came to the event by bus. Martha makes working on the mailing an educational experience. She knows more about what's going on than anyone, and she shared her wisdom while her fingers flew.

Not shown are Cameron Spitzer, Eric Meece, Jim Stauffer, Charlotte Casey, Michael Stanley-Jones, and Tian Harter. Cameron, Eric, Charlotte, Michael, and Jim did their shifts before it occurred to me to record the event.  There were a lot of other people that worked on the mailing the Wednesday evening before we started working out of my home, down at Round Table Pizza during the County wide Green Party meeting. Thanks to them also!

Because Valerie and Gerry set such sterling examples, I felt compelled to take the last fifth of the mailing to the post office by bicycle. It was so much fun I found myself wishing I had done that for the first couple of batches as well. There was no way I could have done that with the four boxes of stuffed newsletters we mailed after a very busy weekend though.