The phone booth didn't even have a dead phone in it. That table at the back of the alcove had a long row of outlets at its back.

Games are gone from that spare room, and nobody has figured out a better business to put in the space. Empty as a pocket with nothing to lose.

The restaurant has been covered up with these white tubes that give me that "mired in the movie Brazil" feeling. The machines they suck for were ralphing large gusts of chilly air.

For a while we tried to figure out some food place one of us could walk to quickly. Zoomed off to find the ones Virginia told me about. Closed up tighter than retail on Christmas. No possibility of fresh food based on what I saw coming into town. Both places closed at 2 PM. Ever get the "we didn't get there until 4 PM" blues? Feeling them for sure. Plus, it was hot out there. Southern clammy sunny day hot, not west coast dry sunny day hot. Ended up eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of the luggage. Good enough. Thank Greyhound for the AC!

Heard "ka-chunk" and plastic slapping noises from these vending machines again and again. They were the only game in town. People were sucking it up and doing business with the robots.

Watched the TV for a while. It was talking heads yammering, but the information scroll had some good moments.