Virginia and I spent the last week of June at the Lair of the Bear. Most of it was a relaxing private experience, playing games, making stuff, and eating dining hall food. One day the two of us took a bag lunch with us and hiked around Pinecrest Lake. We were moving along when suddenly I got this "that's a great view" feeling and took a picture of Virginia and the lake.


Some places the trail was a staircase carved into the landscape, other places it was just a marker informing you on which way to go over the barren rocks. We lost it a couple of times, but no harm came of it. Many times we found ourselves clambering over rocks. Very fun hike.

This was by far the biggest river that fed into the lake.



We took the side trail to "Cleo's Bath". After going upstream for a mile or two I realized I was going to run out of water long before we got back to civilization. We stopped for lunch and a quick dip in the water at this spot.

To make a long story short, we got to the water fountain just fine. Then we stopped at the General Store for refreshing snacks. Then we just had to walk back to the camp and get there by supper time for a happy ending.


Found myself thinking that some of the house number signs along the way were well done or interesting for one reason or another.